What is Sled Hockey? Why this story? What is it about the 2002 USA Paralympic Sled Hockey team that deserves a film? Who are Manny Guerra, Joe Howard, Coach Rick “Nifty” Middleton and Tom Moulton? Really why should you care? In the beginning of the Salt Lake City Games, no one did. Ten grueling days later a sold out stadium erupted in pandemonium when paraplegic goalie Manny Guerra made the save of his life. These men previously judged first by their disability are forever known as American Gold Medal Winners.

Ok you say, I may watch that as a documentary or read a book about it. We get it. That’s why with your help we have to tell this story as a scripted narrative. It is complex. There are personal journeys of hardship, a history of team dysfunction, and loyalties divided that almost derailed the entire effort the night before the opening game. This story has the moxie of legendary films such as Miracle on Ice, Hoosiers, The Fighter and Murderball. This story can have a reach that a documentary can rarely achieve. WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY to inspire viewers to see these Paralympic athletes for who they are, in a way that only a “sports movie” can do.

Producing this film will be no easy feat, but one of the driving forces for us as a team of filmmakers is the honor and privilege to tell this story. As far as we know this will be the first scripted narrative movie about a USA Paralympic Sports Team. Let that sink in for a moment. The first scripted movie. Be a part of making this happen!